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Communications Strategy & Research

Positioning, consultancy and advice on strategic communications. Bespoke, purposive and rigourous research to support business objectives. 

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Marcom Strategy 

Working with brand development, graphic design and animation studio Puro Creative, Bertha conducted an omnichannel review of English language marketing outputs. This included the drafting of a first marcom strategy. This strategy encompassed a comprehensive website and social media review, advice on business development and a recommended action plan. Account Director Jan Janoska said - “It is great to work with the Bertha guys as they brought some clarity to the creative stuff that we do. They helped us to think more clearly about how we are communicating to and why.”

Multi-sectoral Research

In our native Scotland, we led and collaborated in numerous professional and academic research projects. Working as a visiting expert at two of Scotland’s most prestigious academic institutions, the Universities of St. Andrew and Glasgow. Bertha's Tony is a published author of several academic texts, such as New Times, New Businesses and Risk and Resilience and accompanying articles in print and online media. More recently, we have supported a number of firms in the HR, tech and educational sectors on various business intelligence research projects.  

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