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About Bertha

Bertha is a sister and brother team - Mo and Tony McLaughlin. The name comes from Mo’s beloved but somewhat unpredictable first car - Bertha. The car was in turn named after a favorite childhood series of the McLaughlins, Bertha - the lovely machine. The animated Bertha was very adaptable and despite being a little quirky - she always delivered results and all manner of products - from cuckoo clocks to jigsaw puzzles. Mo’s mechanical Bertha was also a little quirky, but gave Mo a sense of freedom and fun - and always got her from A to B! 


Bertha Communications and Consultancy takes forward the spirit of this lineage of Berthas, being a little quirky but helping clients to get there in the end in a range of different industries.  The name also embodies the sense of teamwork of the sibling partnership, as Tony helped Mo push Bertha the car around the streets of their native Glasgow in Scotland on a few occasions!

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